A unıque project ın the most precıous by of Cesme


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Folkart blu
“LINEA ROSSA” A unique project in the most precious cove of Çeşme.

Italian industrial design brand “LINEA ROSSA”,”FOLKART BLU” which was built in Çeşme, was constructed using curtain-wall solutions.
The project, which has an

epic view, is designed to be transparent, without dividing the landscape. Aluminium systems are produced by Beymetal Aluminium plants and implemented by Acar Metal include project-specific solutions.
In these solutions, ‘FOLKART BLU’, aiming to redefine the luxury, fulfilled the following needs:
• Living with nature
• A futuristic design that defines beyond time
• High quality
• Product introduces a new definition of luxury
• An impressive look in perfect harmony with nature

In the new definition of luxury there is also ” LINEA ROSSA ” …

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